Hello,  I am an investor with a few rentals, but somebody I know, (not me, really not me)  purchased a house for a rental last year.  Made the necessary repairs and rented it out.  After about 8 months, the city rental inspector knocked on the door and the tenant let them in.  Wrote the house up for 28 violations, and it was not licensed.  I license all mine properly but here is where I say it is a complete joke and this is NOT what our founding fathers had in mind.  These BS authorities are nothing but a sham, but such is life.

Anyhow back on track.   He was new to this, and didn't realize the scope of governmental over-reach and how far it has gotten out of control,  he has realized that hard work does not pay off, and has decided to sell the house.  He told the renter that they have to go after the lease ends, which is about when the violations need to be addressed.  Here is where it gets real F*d up.  

After he spoke with the inspector about selling and understanding that it just wasn't worth it, he explained to the inspector that he is just going to sell the house.  The inspector told him that he had to fix all of the exterior violations regardless.  I can't remember all of them but there was a garage that needed to be painted and repaired, an antenna on the chimney that had to go, a porch that needed repair, etc.

Inspector said that all this had to be repaired or he would continue to receive fines. I can't see how a city can enforce anything like this. There is no HOA.

Thanks for any help.  It is sad to see this happen to someone who was just trying to rent an affordable house to a willing participant.  And actually, the house is very nice and the violations are almost all bogus.  Just muscle flexing from tiny souls.