What would you do?

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Hi everyone! So my husband and I are in the process of looking for homes in Williamsburg. We were wanting to do a fixer upper home to live in for a few years. However, we are on a time crunch. We need to move to Williamsburg by January and I’m concerned that we won’t find the greatest deal unless we’re patient. It’s not something we want to rush into. But we need to move. We’re thinking maybe we could buy a property, maybe a townhouse, on the lower end so our mortgage isn’t too high, but it won’t cash flow for sure. We would have to sell in a few years. We’ll be in VA for the next 4 years for sure..maybe longer. Any suggestions on what you would do? Thanks!

Hi Maya 

Are you attending the Preia meetings in Hampton?  There are folks there that will help you find a deal.  I know a wholesaler that has a contract that he is looking to sell in Williamsburg now. 

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@Anthony Wick Thank you! I thought about the exact same thing last night. If we can’t find anything in a reasonable time before we have to move then we’ll probably have to go that route.

If you have enough cash you could go to auctions at the courthouse steps and buy a fixer upper.  You need to provide the money to the trustee in 15 days.  I have seen many homes go for cheap if you want to live in them.  We flip in Williamsburg and Richmond.  The houses do not have enough meat on the bone to flip but lots of equity for a live in.