cash flow with commercial financing

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Hi Everyone, I am trying to wrap my head around how cashflow works with commercial financing. 

From my understanding, commercial financing is typically on a 20 yr amortization schedule and rates readjust every five years. Typically there is also a large balloon payment at some point. I haven't figured out how to accurately plan for the future considering you don't know what your rate will adjust to.

Can anyone shed any light on how they budget/plan with commercial financing? 

I've heard that a lot a people will simply sell their buildings right before the rate adjustment and buy something new, but i'm interested in long term buy-and-hold.

Thanks in advance!

Try to find better financing. I am finalizing a deal with a 20 year term, 10 years locked 30 year amortization under 5%. Plan is to pay it off or refinance at the 10 year mark.