Chicago top spots to buy a duplex/triplex under 700k

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Hello, I'm starting a job in Chicago and wanted to find a triplex/duplex in the Chicagoland area (in a relatively safe neighborhood). Which areas of Chicago will develop the most and why? What are the hot areas now that you think will sink? Thanks!

@Eric N. I am not sure how familiar you are with the Chicago market, but Chicago is a very large city with a lot of different sub markets. Chicago has some areas that are literally exploding right now with new building and development, and even areas that traditionally have been pretty cheap areas are starting to see a lot of growth. I would start your search by looking at where you personally want to live. Will you need "L" access? Will you need Metra access? Will you drive to work? Do you want to be near any neighborhoods to enjoy amenities? 

I work and invest in the near southwest suburbs. A lot of folks look to house hack in Forest Park or Berwyn, which are both about 25-30 minutes by L or metra from the loop. If you want to look at the City itself, you should touch base with @Brie Schmidt . She works the city and knows the neighborhoods very well.