Real Estate Agent Billing MT

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Hey BP, 

I’m in search of a real estate agent in the Billings MT area. Does anyone know a good agent that will actually reply to an email ? I’m in the market for multi family properties and serious about finding something that cash flows . 

Any help would be much appreciated 


Hi Lane.  There are definitely some great agents here in town along with some that are less than stellar.  Some are better at communicating in a timely manner than others.  Make sure to let whomever you go with know your preferred way of communication.  I'd highly recommend having a phone conversation with a few agents to see who you get along with, and also can be on the same page with.  I'm an agent here and would love to have a chance at an phone conversation, but at the very least....can give you some names of agents that I've enjoyed working with, that are professional, and are quick to communicate.

I specialize in commercial real estate, in Billings and work with NAI Business Properties, the top producing commercial firm in the state. Would love to chat, please send a message if interested.