Purchase & Ownership of an Outer Banks Beach House

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I'm entertaining the idea of purchasing an OBX (outer banks) beach house as an investment, so I'd like to have a discussion with someone who is currently owns one.  I need a "look behind the curtain".

  • What is the true cost of ownership?
  • What will my NOI actually be?
  • Who is willing to share with me their I/E reports
  • How does rent fluctuate throughout the calendar year?

Are there any current owners out there who are willing to share some info?  I am unfamiliar with this type of investing and need a little coaching on how to model this potential investment.


- Rick

I’m a relatively new real estate investor, however I’ve been coming to the OBX for decades. In fact I’m sitting on the beach in Sputhern Shores right now perusing the real estate listings. I have the same curiosities as the original poster, as I’d be very interested in having a property that is rented for the entire peak season and flanking months and available for some personal use in the off season. Any info is appreciated.