Why is the tax bill mailing listed as Corelogic?

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Can anyone tell me what it means when corelogic is listed for the tax bill mailing address? I have a very basic understanding of corelogic and listsource relationships and purposes, but not why they would be listed in those fields. Thank you BP!

@Joshua Hively your question doesn't make a lot of sense. Corelogic is the company that offers the Listsource produce. The tax bill mailing address goes to the owner of the property. If they are listed, then they are likely the owner, or perhaps acting as agent for the owner. 

@Sean OToole Weird, right? Last week I was driving for dollars. Got back to the office and run the address through the county auditor site. Two of the properties had names of two folks locally who own the properties listed as "owner" and corelogic in Texas listed as tax bill mailing addree.