Has anyone tried flipping park model trailers in the Phoenix area

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I'm wondering if there is anyone out there that has tried flipping park model trailers in the Phoenix AZ area.  It looks like it might be something that could be lucrative since there are so many people moving in and out of the parks.  Also, has anyone bought, rehabbed and rented these trailers to snowbirds?  I'm not sure it would cash flow and would appreciate any input from anyone that may know about this.

@Kay Cannon

I haven't done it myself... but have an associate who knows a guy who's making an absolute killing with mobile homes here in Phoenix. Flipping 'em, selling 'em, you name it. Definitely a potential lucrative market for this out here. You'll have to do more research, and I suggest getting in touch with @John Fedro to learn more about the business model.

Are you talking about homes on land or homes in parks? I've done several mobile home deals in parks and in my experience, park models should be avoided. 1 bedroom homes, whether stick built or mobile, have a limited buyer pool. I would assume this would translate to those on land as well.