"Boots on the Ground" in Anderson and Indianapolis, IN

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I am an out of state Investor. Looking for a "Boots on the Ground" person in Indianapolis or Anderson, IN - who can go check out the homes and scout the neighborhood, take pictures, videos and inform me if there are any visible issues with the home - structure, landscaping, paint, etc. 

Also would be great if you can provide me information on rental estimates in the area to make sure that I can get a good idea for the rent

That's quite the ask @Abhay Sachar !

I'd start by connecting with as many people as you can here on BP, having transparent conversations with them, and building strong relationships. You'll need a team of people you really trust if you decided to invest out of state and it's not as easy as just asking for what you want on the forums.

I'd recommend to start by talking with agents, property managers, and wholesalers. Some will be more willing to help you out once they know you are for real.  It's like dating...very difficult to walk up to an random girl and ask them out straight up...you need to form a connection through conversation. The last thing these people want are someone demanding they go check out 45 properties a week and not close.

Best of luck and let me know if you have any questions!


Thanks @Tyler Jahnke for the honest feedback. I actually have spoken to a few folks who are doing wholesale deals in the Indy area and have spoken to 2 property managers as well.

I have identified a couple of properties and have pics and rehab estimates but want to make sure I can have someone check out the properties and neighborhood for me (of course for a fee) so that I can make an informed decision.

@Abhay Sachar Hop on a plane Friday night. Check all your properties and neighborhoods with a local Realtor or a PM on Saturday. Fly home Saturday night. No one can assess the level of risk you are comfortable with except you. Best of luck
@Abhay Sachar That’s exactly what a good property manager would do. Wholesaler have a reason to over sell a neighborhood or area. While a property manager has your best interest at heart as they don’t want to manage a poor asset and want you to make money and keep buying. Good luck