Are My Values Outdated??

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Hi all!

I am a real estate agent in Tampa with a wholesale brokerage and I have noticed a huge trend lately that I wanted to get opinions on.  Or who knows,  maybe it has always been there and I am just now noticing. That trend is the complete unwillingness of people to have face to face meetings. Not only have I seen tremendous push back on a simple meeting, but even hostility that I would dare suggest it. 

I could be wrong here, but I find such value in making business relationships with people IN PERSON. Why on earth would you trust me to sell you an investment property, if we have never ever met. And vice versa too! I know we are all busy in this business, myself included, but the way I look at it is if you have an hour to go look at every property I email you, why aren't you able to spend 30 minutes to meet with me just once?

As someone in my twenties, I heavily rely on the capacity for communication that technology has given us; but I do not think it should entirely replace face to face relationships. I just don't find an email capable of conveying trustworthiness and reliability like a handshake and face to face contact does.

Please tell me your experiences and what you think!

What kind of meetings are you looking to facilitate? Is it just a get to know each other meeting, and the client has to drive to you/your office? If so I could see people being opposed to it. If you offer to meet them at a location they are, at a time that works for them, and the meeting has merit, it seems like they would be open to that. Personally my realtor and I have only ever been face to face when looking at houses or closing. We have never had any meeting.

Hello and that is a good/time effective question Abby!  Unfortuna-tely, people nowadays do much on-line and not in person.  If you spent as much of your time on the Internet as I did you would realize that people today are taking advantage of doing things on-line is the typical way people do things without having to leave work or home.  I hope you can read because I do not know why my some text has a line through it.  I agree with what you are saying.  Maybe my feeling has to do with my age of 61.

I am being told that you have to know how to use current technology to succeed.  He's 60 years old and has learned how to use all technology to be able to communicate.  I have seen many stores going out of business and that technology has taken or will take physicality of having a store is losing  out over the Internet retail stores and I think that will continue.  I live in just outside of Dallas, Texas and it's happening here.

Good luck to you!

Face to face meetings take time.  A lot of time compared to e-mails, a phone call or chat.  There are times when face to face is the best answer.  I'm a software engineer by trade and we do a lot of work with a group around a white board.  Its much more productive to have people together when working on a difficult problem.  But if you're wanting me to come to you just to chit chat, I'm not going to be all that willing.  There needs to be a valid reason for us to be together.

If you just want to see someones face there are numerous ways to do that.

Don't take it personally. Most investors in the area have gotten that same face to face offer from a dozen of your predecessors, as well as from all the other big wholesale operations in town. It loses its charm after a while... 

@Abby Ruppert , we are moving into a 'swipe right or swipe left' age.  Back in the day, I'd have a prospective (residential) buyer come to my office and I'd qualify/interview them for at least 30--45 minutes before I'd even let them get into my car.

Then with the advent of online MLS and all the Zillow's of the world, information is the key for a buyer. After all, if they like the property, just get out of the way and let them buy it.

Listing property is different--you are selling an intangible service and yourself.  In residential, they must like and trust you to list with you.  

Not so with the buyers.

So, I would suggest you get with the program and do more deals by servicing your clientele the way THEY want to be serviced.  A phone call and email/text follow-up is about all that's really necessary for the bonding you are looking for, at least for the buyers you work with.

A little less focus on where YOU find value, and a bit more on what the clients find valuable.

Good luck.