How do RE agents get leads?

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I just got my license and I have set a few goals for myself for my first few months. I am sure there are a lot of successful RE agents on this forum and I wanted to see how you got leads? Any one way that proved more successful than others?

Hard work man...Calling your sphere, call arounds for other listings, door knocking, open houses, networking events, social media, forums like these, etc etc. 

Save your money too, don't buy stupid leads on, etc. 

hahah @Marc Middleton good thoughts! Although I would say Zillow helped me get a good foot in the game, but was a just a piece to the puzzle. 

@Rigo V. The long game is referrals as they are better quality lead, and most often pretty much free.  I always have an easier time working with someone who came to me with a strong recommendation from a friend.  Better trust leads to better communication and a smoother transaction, leaving me more time to go get the next deal. Open houses were a great way that I kick started my career in real estate too.  To get seller leads, I will knock on doors in a neighborhood a buyer client is interested in and ask them if they know anyone who is thinking of selling. At the end of the day work hard and burn the ships behind you so you can't turn back will win the day.  

@Justin Brown Probably a dumb question but how are you getting leads from an open house?

I am hoping setting up a meetup in my area which doesnt have a consistent one can help me get leads also.

Not a dumb question. A lot of people don’t like to commit to a realtor till they find the right home. When they come into your open house have them fill in a registration sheet and if they give your grief just mention it’s for the citrusy of the selle that is allowing strangers through their home. When you show folks around and hit it off with them, mention you are happy to show them any other places they are interested in. Then shoot them an email that night with some listings that just came on the market and bam!  If you’re lucky you can find clients that need to sell first before they buy and then you get the listing too! Hope this helps! I met My best client to date at an open house. 

@Rigo V. Congratulations on your license. Have you considered doing a mail campaign? 

If you want to focus on listings, you could target Seniors with Long-Time Ownership (ready to downsize or transition to assistance) or Homeowners with Low Financial Stability Scores.

If you want to be a buyer's agent, consider partnering with a mortgage broker to run some first-time home buyer seminars (or meetups). For this, mail to renters, age 30-55 with an income appropriate for your area.

A list broker can help you to refine the criteria.