Is it a scam?! how do i safely outsource?

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Hey everyone. So I'm pretty new to wholesaling and soon after joining some investing oriented sites such as connected investors and bigger pockets I got an email. This email claims to be a company based out of the Philippines who works with investors on all kinds of realestate deals. With me being a wholesaler they said they could find the property get it under contract on my behalf and even find a buyer for it before handing the deal off to me. The cost is $890 a month. I looked at the company's website, the CEO has a linked in page, they have video testimonials, ECT. I know that outsourcing to the Philippines is a pretty popular thing amongst investors but I'm just not sure.. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Or any similar experiences good or bad?

too funny if it was this easy  no one would do it on their own we would just all pay 890 a month and make unlimited amount of income..  use common sense  on these things..

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@Jay Hinrichs Thanks Jay thats kind of what I was thinking. One of those to good to be true situations. What are your thoughts on outsourcing? 

 outsourcing is real no doubt

You can hire Virtual Assistants from anywhere in the world to do any task you need. Many wholesalers use them, but yea this is definitely a scam.  If you want to hire one there are many sites you can go to to do it, I have used "upwork" with good results in the past. I'm not a wholesaler but have hired a few people on occasion.

Wow! Why am I spending thousands every month on marketing and other operating costs for my deals when I could just pay $890/month and have deals fed to me!

You probably get the point :]

@Joshua A Fuhriman My friend has his own team in India that works as his virtual assistants and they do as they are instructed to (as part of his system), to do backend work but my friend is still face and sound of his platform in Baltimore. So I have seen some form of outsourcing (not just with flipping but rehabbing too) and it mIght work! However, if someone is offering all the pieces then one would wonder why won’t they do it by themselves as money is hardly ever a problem.

Yeah there are a lot of companies that advertise services that are too good to be true. We have outsourced in the Philippines and the VAs are great! I guess it's a matter of finding the right VA with the skills you need. We have tried Upwork in the past. There are things that you can outsource and there are things that you have to do yourself. We have a great team of VAs that run our operations now from lead gen, skiptracing, and marketing. Let me know if you need help