I am primarily a farmer, self employed, making ok money. Have tried and tried to acquire and refinance properties on long term fixed rates through Fannie and Freddie. Worked with Plaza, Flagstar, and many others. No one can get anything done because they look at my farming income and say I am losing my butt. Showing 50 to 70k losses on paper the last few years. (This is from machinery depreciation, carry over grain, and carry over breeding stock (cattle and hogs). This forces me to purchase rentals in a portfolio type situation through local bank. They are very straight forward. 20% down. Check. Does it cash flow at 100%. Check. Yes sir, buy it. But I cannot get beyond a 25 year 5/1 arm. Suggestions on who to work with and how to get some long term locked rate properties pushed through on my self employed agriculture income?