Saved my client $105,000 from contract price!

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My client’s original offer of $765,000 was accepted. After initial inspection, he came to me said the most he could purchase for is $660,000 given the conditions & ARV. $105,000 less, I thought there goes this deal. Seller ended up declining, we canceled the contract. Seller attempted to get a deal around the same $765k price. I contacted the seller’s agent after couple weeks, they still didn’t sell it. After a few conversations, I was able to get the sellers to accept the $660k price that my client has wanted. We just closed escrow today. The property: 315 E. Julian - Downtown San Jose Just wanted to share because I see a lot of comments bashing Realtors. Yes, most have no idea how investments for fix/flips work, but there are a rare bunch similar to myself who not only have the knowledge but the will power to make these type of deals happen. Purchased: $660k ARV is $1.1m Est. Rehab $120k 👍🏽