Finding deals in Southern California

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Hello BP community,

   I usually don't turn to Bigger Pockets to find deals, but I have hit a few slow months in my RE career. I want to reach out to everyone and find out the best way to source properties from wholesalers. I have successfully closed over 24 deals, but I am now having trouble connecting with people who actually have their deal under contract. I run into a bunch of individuals who say they have deals, but it never seems to work out. They either don't have the deal or their "partner" is the one who has it. Am I the only one who has this problem, if not how do I fix it?

Wholesalers are running thin in CA many can only find a couple sellers a month and daisy chaining others' deals has seemed to become more common.  You could try direct mail yourself but it is tough because sellers know SoCal is a easy market to sell in right now.