Equity % and wholesaling

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Hey everybody, aspiring wholesaler here. Today I am wondering what a sellers equity % in his/her property will have to do with the wholesaling process. If they only have 50 % equity in their home and I tie it up under contract will i be responsible for paying off the rest of the property? I honestly don't know if that even makes sense I'm clueless and can't find anything on the internet talking about this specifically. Maybe someone can help me understand the concept of equity in the wholesaling process  more. Thanks so much.

@Tyler Hall If I’m a seller and my house is worth 100k. You get it under contract for 50k but I owe 75k on the house, either you (wholesaler), me (the seller) or the end buyer have to pay that extra 25k off. You won’t want to do that. I likely won’t want to do that and neither the end buyer. Hence this deal is likely won’t happen