Which Market to Move to?

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Hello all! I'm a newbie looking for some advice. I am currently in the military and just started real estate investing as well. My choices are limited to a few locations and I will move within the year. Does anyone have information on which of the below markets would be fertile lands for a beginner with an interest in C+ to B properties, focus on small - large MF rental properties, strategy: BRRRR. My future location will be:

Long Island, NY

Portland, OR

Cocoa Beach, FL

San Antonio, TX 

Any info such as large trends or experience/knowledge of these markets is appreciated!!



BRRRR with multifamily in at least 3 out of four of those markets may be tough if you are comparing them to the juicy returns you see on BP. I'm not sure about Cocoa Beach though.

@Nicholas Seaver

Portland, OR is the best option out of those listed, there are still some BRRRR options for MF. Is Oak Harbor, WA not an option? It's more Air Force and Navy focused, but the prices are still great to get into.