REItipster or Land Geek? Is raw land viable?

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Hi All,

I'm totally new to the real estate investing space and and still researching which niche will be the best fit for my situation: pursuing FIRE, living in the Bay Area were house hacking is difficult and investing in out of state traditional properties seems like a tall order for my first deal.  I have a very steady job that leaves me with plenty of bandwidth to pursue side projects and have a decent savings to deploy. Recently heard several podcast with Seth Williams (REItipster) and Mark Podolsky (Land Geek), almost seems too good to be true: low barrier to entry, impressive returns, low hassle ect.  Hoping that folks could share their experience with these two courses and their experience in the raw land investing in general?   


like all things real estate easier said than done..  general premise though is you follow tax deliquents 

in areas with a bunch of undeveloped lots and land.. buy for cash.. then sell on terms.. 

this is a very old model. been going on since the gold rush in CA in the 1840s

Hey @Chad Whittaker and @Scott McDonald  just wanted to give my two cents. I have reviewed both courses and It is very solid information. Its actually true regarding the low barrier to entry you just have to really take your time and digest the information and follow through. Everything is literally laid out step by step but I will say I found that Seth Williams (reitipster) gave me more a bit more detail that I was looking for. 

From my own personal experience I rushed a bit on the due diligence because I saw the value in the land I was attempting to purchase and ended up with land with a some wetlands on the property. Even with that I still have managed to get it under contract with an interested  buyer. I've discovered there is no shortage of creative ways  to market your land to the right buyer.