Just did home inspection, and need some advice

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Dear all,

I've just done a home inspection for a property in escrow and need some help with estimating the cost of a few items. Your feedback is highly appreciated. 

1. There are some electric wires going through a few trees to the utility pole on the street. The inspector calls out the safety risk, but we have no idea who we should contact to fix it(we want to keep the trees if possible)? I think we'll ask sellers for some credits, but have no idea how much it'll cost. (please see the image attached.)

2. Outside the house the air condition compressor unit 

is located too close to gas meter, which is a violation of safety code. I wonder how much cost it needs to relocate the main gas meter or the compressor? (the compressor is sitting on a concrete base so I guess moving compressor will cost more?). 

We are in Los Angeles county. 



@Yiming Li most likely you would have to contact the utility company. Before the meter is typically their ownership. It's been my experience they will charge for the relocation. My neighbor constructed was in a similar situation for his electric service... except he wanted a two story garage and the electric line was in the way from the pole to his house.

To me , the wire is a non issue . just have the trees trimmed , way too expensive to move a wire .  I have NEVER heard of a "safety code " especially when a AC unit sits next to a gas meter .