How do you buy your personal home?

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Hello all, I’m curious regarding how do investors purchase there own personal homes that they live in? Do you guys go out and market to distressed sellers do you can buy your dream or ideal home at a discount? Do you just buy a fully priced home off the mls? The reason I ask is because I’d like to start looking for my own personal home to buy but I’d like to be smart about my decision and it seems to me the smartest move would be to market the area and type of house I’d personally want to live in. Then I’m thinking it would be best to purchase that distressed home with a hard money loan (since I don’t have the full cash) then fix it and live in my beautifully fixed up personal home. Am i on the right track? Thank you for all your feedback, Tommy
@Tommy Martinez . Funny you should ask that question. Six years ago We bought a trashed out REO in our target market. At that time the neighborhood was pretty sketchy, c- minis on a good day. We paid cash cause it was sooo cheep. bought a shipping container and a nice tent and set up in the backyard. Firepit and everything. After 3 years of camping, working nights and weekends we were able to move into our lovingly restored 60 year old bungalow. Neighborhood improved and recently our home appraised at more than 10x what we paid for it. Best move I ever made. Still a little burned out on camping however.