Mortgage for a manufactured house adjacent to a main house

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Dear all,

I have trouble selling a San Diego house because of the following:

Buyers can easily get a mortgage for the main house but not for the smaller manufactured house (3 years old) that sits behind it, on the same piece of (private) land. All specialized lenders (for manufactured houses) say that they offer mortgages if the house sits in a park, not on private land. The manuf. house has been permitted as a “medical unit”.

Any insight?



If on separate parcels, sell them separately.   If on same parcel, sell the main house and treat the the manufactured home as personal property and use a bill of sale. Depends on how much value you attribute the manufactured home. 

Manufactured housing on a permanent foundation can be bank financed (VA, FHA & conventional) if it remains in it's initial location. However manufactured homes that have been moved since initially purchased cannot be bank financed. Thus if a manufactured home was moved from private land or park land to another location, it cannot be financed through conforming lending institutions. I've seen issues like this in Ramona & Valley Center in the past. Is that your issue?

Is it in the San Diego MLS? If so, pm me and I will look it up & see if it is financible.