Wholesaling in a bad neighborhood?

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Found a couple of potential great wholesale deals but unfortunately these homes are not in the greatest neighborhood (Sort of run down). Should I shy away a wholesale deal that is in a run down neighborhood? Also what are your thoughts on rural homes for wholesaling as Well?

@Drew Alexander Many wholesale deals are in "not the greatest neighborhoods". And most are extremely run down, which is why you can get them cheap enough to resell them to a rehabber.

And rural areas work for wholeselling. You can sell pretty much anything if you buy it at the right price. Extremely rural is harder to sell simply because fewer people live in extremely rural areas.

One of the weaknesses you show with your questions is that you have no buyers. You need to be attending all of your local real estate investor meetings to find buyers and know what they're looking for and where. They are the ones you should be presenting these properties to for feedback.

Real estate is a very local business. Find local investor meetings at NationalREIA.org and MeetUp.com

Good luck!

Where are these deals coming from? Usually wholesalers target certain areas and would try and avoid an area they aren't familiar with or think is too bad. I send direct mail but mine is very targeted to houses I would want to rehab myself.