New member in Atlanta looking to network.

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Hi Stassa, Welcome to Biggerpockets. I invest in Atlanta and Decatur. I network with people who invest in several local markets. I find value in the local REIA groups.

Can you let us know what you want to accomplish and what you've done so  far in terms of training? 



@Stassa Austin - Congrats on taking your first step. Regarding networking, you'll find a networking events every day of the week in Atlanta. Take a look at Georgia REIA, Atlanta REIA and South Atlanta REIA for networking and training opportunities. Also, take advantage of the BiggerPockets podcasts too.

Regarding wholesaling, I am a fan of Max Maxwell  and many others. You'll find Max on YouTube and his Facebook is excellent. There are many aspects of real estate investing.  Let's connect in person when time permits.

Hope this helps!