How to avoid having your houses come up when people google name?

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Thanks to all these dumb sites trying to make a profit off of public records, your information is posted on multiple sites such as spokeo, city data, etc. If I google my name, I see every property I own come up instantly.

Why am I worried about this? I don't want to have some attorney google my name and decide that I am ripe for the picking because I own a lot of property. I've had some sites remove it, but for everyone I have removed it seems 3 more sites pop up a few months later with the same information. 

You're barking up the wrong tree unfortunately. Public record is public information. If you don't want your information to be present in such a way, you can take the efforts to change the titling of your properties and that'll prevent it from happening in the future, but as for what's already out there, outside of complaining directly to the companies that post the information, you're probably stuck.

It's difficult to prevent such sites from web crawling data that is considered public record. However, a lot of these sites offer an opt-out request form that will remove your listing. Unfortunately, it's a manual process that varies across sites.

Alternatively, I've heard of a few sites that claim to remove these entries for you in bulk (across a list of various sites) for a fee, but have no experience with them.