Virtual Staging - Has it been effective?

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I'm curious to know if anyone has had luck with virtually staging their properties.  The thought is that the potential buyer can walk through the property with the listing pulled up on their phone and have an example photo of how furniture could be laid out rather than having to actually see it in the property.  

I'd love to hear some opinions, especially from realtors who walk staged and unstaged houses with clients regularly or flippers/sellers who have tried this method.

Virtual staging helps a ton.  Most of my clients don't have the imagination to picture what a space can be like, so it is always very helpful if a space is physically or virtually staged.  This is especially important in NYC where spaces are very small.  

If a buyer/renter can't picture their furniture items in a space, then they probably won't buy/rent it.  Unstaged spaces always appear smaller than those that are staged.