Hard money lending deals

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Hello BP, I’m looking into buying multi family properties in my area. I am considering using a hard money lender for buying properties. Can you guys describe to me what a win-win deal looks like for a real estate investor and a hard money lender. I just have trouble seeing the benefits for a hard money lender cash flow wise to get their money back and more? Please advise!


This a broad question. Your credit, experience and liquidity will determine rates, points, leverage. Without knowing your financing options its hard to say what a win-win would be. HML works best in short term loan situations. I suggest making sure you have a nice equity position and buy in an area where the market time to sell is 60 days or less. I, also, suggest to make sure the property will cash flow enough so you are able to refinance and place a tenant should the property not sell in a timely manner.