subjective to/owner finance

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Hello BP, I wanted to get some advice on a deal I'm working, so doing a subjective to/seller finance. the seller owes close to market(62k) ARV 65K I have her signed at 75K over the next 3years taking over the payments (no monthly payments to the seller) with a down payment of $3,500. I wanted to get advice on how to exit this deal and if I've gone into high. Thanks

Hi @Bryan Sinegal . It sounds like you've gone way too high. If the seller owes that close to market value, they have zero equity, and that's without even considering repairs. So, why would you pay anything more than what she owes (if that)?

Also, Subject-To is all about the quality of the underlying financing. The monthly payment, interest rate, and other loan terms will determine whether you've got an actual deal or not.