how to value a property WITHOUT a formal appraisal

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I own several 4-plexes in the Jacksonville FL market. I'd like to get an idea of their market value (just for my own satisfaction), without paying the $X00 per building for a formal appraisal - again, the valuation is just for my own personal knowledge, not for any financing, sale, etc. 

I've called several places looking for a quick BPO or desktop appraisal, but all the places I called say they don't do this for multi-family. Does anyone have any resources they can recommend for this?

Easiest way I would look at Zillow and see what is comparable to your properties that has sold recently.  Or look for something for sale that is comparable.  This won't be exact but seems like the easiest ballpark figure.  Even ask a realtor to pull comps on something for sale in the area?