Hey all I have a question regarding insurance in “zone x.”

Summary: I am buying my second rental property in Surfside beach, SC. It a duplex under rented 875/side. I rentometered and spoke to property manager and think I can get minimum 1k/ side on each 3/2 after Reno. Purchase price 213k.

Question: it’s 8-10 blocks from ocean. So ok deal in a killer location. So the big insurers would not insure. After many conversations I guess Private insurance normal there. Of course it’s high at 3k a year.

When I received the docusign....across the top of page it states the insurance carrier can cancel within 90 days without cause. WOw. I have never seen this. So if there is a hurricane in 90 days I’m done. The insurance guy said this is normal. Am I wrong to be afraid??? I will call him tomorrow but though I would ask my peeps..

Thank you in advance,