Contractor & Property Manager recommendations Lansing, MI

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Hi BP Community, 

I am looking at a few deals in Lansing right now. Are there any investors in the area that have a contractor they recommend? Properties I am looking at range from big rehab to cosmetic work. 

Do any investors in the area have any recommendations?

I am also looking for recommendation for a Property Manager. If you have a recommendation, why do you like them?


For investing remotely, I highly recommend 

They currently manage my entire portfolio, they have a web portal with easy reporting so you can keep track of all transactions. They have also recently brought on in-house maintenance/hvac. They manage all the contractors for you with no additional upcharges (other than when flipping/turning a property). Turn coordination fees usually run 10% of the project. They primarily manage SFR homes but also manage a few Duplexes and Quad Plexes. I dont believe they manage any larger commercial properties. I have met Dale Huber on many occasions and he is genuine and easy to work with. They are also expanding to Jackson, MI shortly.

Some example fees are:

$25-35 to mow a lawn

$40-50 for basic service calls / handyman stuff

$75-150 for trades like electrical / hvac / plumber

I appreciate the recommendation and will have to give them a call. Thanks!