Online Pre-Licensing Courses In New Jersey

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Hello BP,

I am interested in obtaining my RE Salesperson License in New Jersey. Does anyone have any recommendations regarding an NJ specific online pre-licensing course that they have used? I would like to study on my own schedule, considering I work a full time job at the moment. 



I looked into this and it seems in NJ I do not think the state allows us to do our RE license online we physically have to attend a class. Keep in mind, this was what I was told so find out from other agents in your area. I did once a week on Saturday's for 11 weeks and it went fast and trust me you want to go once a week for studying and preparing yourself. The test is pretty tough if too much material is thrown at you!! 

Thank you for the feedback.

I am very excited to begin a long and fulfilling career in Real Estate. If I am being honest, I have been bouncing around from job to job ever since graduating college 3 years ago and have struggled in finding my grounding. I started reading about RE investing and listening to BP about 6 months ago and have been hooked ever since. I know that I can invest in RE without a license, but just feel that obtaining and holding the license is worth the cost for someone who aspires to make a career out of RE like myself. 

My question is, are there any rules preventing me from working exclusively with investors? Or is there any reason that I would not want to do this? I am much more interested in working on the investing side of Real Estate. Every time I go to my local REI meetings, there are usually only 1 or 2 licensed agents there and everyone seems to want to network with them. I see becoming an Agent as a sacrifice of time, energy, and money but in return I get all of the opportunities that come with holding the license.

Is there anything that some of the seasoned Agent Investors on here wish they knew when they started? Any input is appreciated!

Very thankful that this community exists!

@Justin Pencook I took the two week class I just felt it was better to blitz through it then drag it out over 11 weeks. 99% of my clients are investors and noone at my office tells me that I can't do that. I can't speak for other offices however ... 

Getting my license was worth it to learn the business, understand my local market (I've now seen hundreds of homes), and see how different investors think. Every day is still a learning experience for me. 

But I do caution you: It's hard. Getting clients (and keeping them) is not easy. Getting deals to the closing table can be a challenge. However, if you stick with it you can have a very positive experience. 

@Justin Pencook - Investors are a hard bunch to specialize in because they know at least 20 Real Estate agents (and many are also agents). Sometimes they write their cash offers directly with the listing agent to try to get a (perceived) leg up. Other investors will use the quickest agent to open the door for them. (Just hop on Zillow). Others who are beginning will go tour through 50 properties and ask you to write lowball offers on many with known previously rejected higher offers. (Hey - sometimes it works). Sometimes they’ll ask you to cut your commission (which is negotiable).

Whereas the general public doesn’t know a million real estate agents, tends to hire the first one they meet (when they’re ready) 70% of the time and tends to sign whatever “normal commission” you initially propose.

The great thing about working with investors is you get access to wholesale priced contractors, you learn what questions to ask, and you learn how to analyze your own buy and holds or buy and sells.