Than merill event ? Opinion

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How many people have heard of this program and how many think I ( as a newbie ) would benefit from this seminar. I am currently a W2 employee working as a plumber/ gasfitter.
@Sean Beksinski As a newbie you will benefit from it but I wouldn't spend the extra dollars on their program. Just attend the weekend event as you will take many points from it. I personally went to one of the weekend events and attended only half a day and left. A lot of seminar junkies that had no clue..

Hey @Sean Beksinski there’s lots of prior posts on here about these seminars. The whole goal is just to upsell you into a much more expensive program. But search his name here on BP and you’ll see plenty of posts that should give you a good idea of what they’re all about. 

All the info that they will provide you can learn yourself here in BP and by books for a minimal cost. Intro is free but as others mentioned they will try to sell you on their programs.. It’s a good place to meet like minded people that are starting out like yourself but if you want to mingle w experience investors you better off going to local meetups