Budgeting for Squatters

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I am looking at a property in CA that is going to auction that has at least 3 squatters. There are mattresses and some canned goods in the property, so it seems like they have made themselves comfortable. What should I budget in terms of money and time to get them out?

Given that this is in CA, that is almost impossible to know. A lot depends on where, and whether or not they have been squatting for more than 30 days. Are they members of a protected group? etc. Unless you are super experienced and have crazy deep pockets you may be in for a lot more education than you ever wanted. All the best!

Talked with some people, and I was able to find out that they apparently had an oral agreement with the landlord.  My exposure looks like one or multiple evictions and 3 months worst case of lost time. Does that sound about right?  If the numbers still work I will move forward.  I guess I would be wise to talk to an eviction attorney at this point. 

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Let me know if I am missing something major in this situtation.