Horizontal Cracks in Foundation

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I'm looking at plopping my life savings into my first house. I found one that looked great and had alot of features that got me excited. However, on the outside of the house, there were at least a dozen semi circle cracks in the concrete slab, running horizontally, about 2-4 inches long. Especially, around the AC and where the Gas lines went into the house. I did not find any windows or doors that had problems, or see anything pulling away along baseboards or ceilings. All of the fascia and soffit lined up perfect. It is 4 sides masonry, if that matters. All the mortor looked good to me.

I'd like to find a home to live in and then rent out in a few years, as I" accumulate more money. I don't want to put my life savings into a money pit.

From what I heard, foundation problems are a real problem in that 78660 zip code, because of the clay soils. A house down the block has cracks running vertically from top to bottom.

I'm not sure if I want to risk another $500-$1000 for inspections if there is going to be foundation problems.
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