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I have had some people interested in buying some of my rentals. I could make 40%+ on the properties I have owned for less than a year. Normally I would have signed a purchase agreement already but they do cash flow well and are easy to manage multi units. My only reason to sell would be to keep buying hidden deals. Any thoughts?

Can you buy a better deal now than the one(s) that you already own? If the answer is no or maybe then there is no reason to sell.  A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

If you have a system to buy such a good deals - way to go.

Did you factor your time spent, too? Still 40% income? Sounds like a good flip

If it was just one deal - don't sell it. Find a financing for couple more and then maybe sell one.

Cash flow is more important than money sitting and waiting until you find something better.