Tips for reliable Indianapolis Realtor - Abroad Investor

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Hi Guys! 

I am starting abroad investor just about to buy first home. 

I am looking for SFHs up to 60K in Indianapolis and I was unlucky with Realtors for now. I tried to deal with 3 of them already with dissapointing results. 

Do you have good long therm personal experiences with some Realtors in Indianapolis? I need someone with great and swift  comunication (i am abroad), responsible with personal aproach and patience (first buy).

Please share your sugestions. Thank You!


@Ondrej Marimar Will this be a rental property for you?  Are you planning on doing any rehab?  Getting any type of inspection?  Do you have a property manager? 

I'm very active in Indy, feel free to reach out if you'd like to discuss the market.

Hi @Ritch Bonisa .

That's right. It will be Hold to Rent. I assume cosmetic rehab - nothing serious.

And no, I seem to be unlucky about my team for now. I am again looking for new Realtor as well as Manager. 

I am not sure if you mean inspection before buy - in this case definitely yes.

My plan is to go and find Realtor, Manager and Contractor separately. As a out-of-state I will need more supervision and I don't trust turn keys. Also I need to learn in the process so...

I am definitely happy about any ideas and recommendations.

Thank you