What are the post renovation costs of flipping a home?

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Hi Everyone, 

I work at Roofstock and am trying to get a better understanding of the post renovation costs for flipping a home. For example, once the home is complete how much are Fix n Flip groups spending to sell the home through a broker? I'm assuming between 5%-6%? Also, what are the costs associated with staging the home? Are there any other costs I'm missing?

@Yousef Samy the cost of staging varies but it's safe to say a couple thousand is pretty standard. 6% realtor commission. A couple thousand in seller closing fees. Possibly transfer taxes, depending on the state. That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

6% realtor fees here... Tax adjustments, water adjustments, oil adjustments (if applicable), attorney fees (if attorney state), transfer tax (if state requires), concessions can happen sometimes. I carry a dollar figure for buyer inspection requests, as I always have to "fix" stuff after inspections.