As a RE Investor Is it beneficial for me to become a Realtor?

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As a newbie RE Investor, do you think I would benefit by becoming a Realtor?  From your experiences, what are the advantages and disadvantages of being both an Investor and Realtor in the DC, MD, VA area? Thank you.

It depends on what you're trying to do with your investing. If you're looking to get into flips, being your on Realtor will save you the 3% commission when you list the home, and if you are buying off of the MLS, you can earn a 3% commission for purchasing the property.

For buy and holds, it may not be as advantageous as there is no sale to save the 3% commission on and no worries about listing the property for sale.

The fees and requirements are not something to be overlooked either. It cost thousands of dollars to get started and maintain your license as well as the recurring continuing education you must put in every 2 years (at least in AZ).

If you're looking to get into wholesaling or buy and holds, it probably won't benefit you as much as if you were a flipper. Just my 2 cents.

@Bob Okenwa thank you for your comments.  I am interested in Wholesaling right now but will do buy and holds later on so I will keep your comments in mind.  I appreciate your tips, thanks.