Multifamily (4+ Units) Deals: Are the numbers the same?

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Hey everyone! This is my first post on Bigger Pockets. I have read several of the books, listened to many podcasts, and read a lot of the forum threads. I love this site... It is such a great resource.

I am looking into buying a multifamily property, anywhere from 4 units up to 10 units.  My question is: does the rental property tool still apply to large properties, let's say 10+ units? Is there another post, tool, blog, etc. on this topic?

I would like to run some numbers and begin analyzing some of these deals that I have available, but I want to be sure I am using the correct calculations in my analysis. Any advice on where to begin digging into these?


Rental property numbers are the same no matter how much units. You just have to use the correct income and expenses.

Basic rental property numbers-

One point-out about something you said... a 4-unit MFR is residential category. 5+ units is commercial. Major differences in classification and financing options, etc.