Anyone used Hardmoney2go before?

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Met him at a CCREIA meeting last month, seemed like a real nice guy. Plan to meet at his office to talk about deal so when I get a property I can use his company. Seemed legit.

Closed a deal with HardMoney2Go last night. I couldn't find any feedback so I owe it to the community to provide some. 

Great team and quick close (2 weeks from first contact to settlement). The process was seamless and the terms were relatively great considering it's my first deal.

I definitely look forward to working with them in the future.

Nice people but extremely hard to get a hold of. Ended up losing a deal as I waited for them to respond. Texts, emails, voice mails... nothing. Told me that they would help with funding, then went dark. Wanted me to pay $600 for appraisals and wouldn't answer my questions or discuss loan terms. Finally responded without even reviewing my documentation. They must have been tired of my calls.