After 6 months of study and research and lots of hanging out on the BP website, I just recently landed a deal that I intend to be my first BRRRR property! I can talk about that deal later for those who are interested.

One question that has come up as I begin the rehab process is about how long will banks or loan officers require consistent rental income for short term rental until they'll approve a refi? I know most banks are 6-12 months for traditional long term rentals, but I've yet to find consistent or helpful answers about short term rental income. Anyone have any helpful information? 

*Edit* I'm aware of how many investors are not keen on short term rentals. I'm not necessarily planning on staying in the short term rental game long term, but our market is under-saturated with STR and since I bought the house with cash, now would be a great time to experiment with how I like STR and if I want to consider doing some STR's with some future BRRRR properties.