Property with no heirs? what happens

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There is a property in Bronx, NY (6 family unit) tax lien auction, the person is deceased and there are no heirs or relatives, is there anyway to buy this? or only way is through auction?

If there are no heirs a property would have to go through probate court. If you could somehow locate the law firm handling the probate process maybe you could work out a deal.

Since it is being auctioned at a tax auction then it probably means nobody has been maintaining the property since the owner died so it will be in bad shape. If someone has been taking care of it and try to claim it you will have to deal with the legal process of redemption or try to foreclose on it (this all depends on NY state law regarding tax liens)

@Isaac El if the owner is dead and there are no heirs an estate will never be opened. About the only way you can get this property is at the tax lien auction.  One small possibility is to see if there are any other liens or mortgages against the property. If you can possibly buy thatlien you can foreclose on that lien and just pay the taxes off before it is lost to tax sale.