Hi everyone, I recently started learning real estate in July 2018. I'm a 17 year old Canadian Engineering student, I was targeting Jacksonville as the main city where I tried to find my deals. I soon realized that this arrangement will not work as I could not physically inspect the property and could only work on MLS properties since I relied on an agent to do all the hands-on work. I tried to find an alternative way to make money in real estate, and now am working with a broker for commercial properties.

My current work is like a real estate agent or a birddog; I find buyers for commercial properties. My partner, the broker, wants to schedule my fee as a referral fee. He offered 25% of his 3% commision, however, I don't know if this is possible since I am not a licensed real estate agent. Does having me live in Canada (Toronto more specifically) change anything regarding this? How else can I receive my fee? Thanks for any help.