Selling agent commission & discount brokers

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Hi All! My first post.....need advice and thoughts on topic. I have been a residential real estate broker for over 20 years. I have noticed many buyers now find homes themselves via the multitude of MLS accres sites. Zillow etc. My question is you think its necessary to still offer 2.5% to selling agent when many buyers find the house themselves! I have had more than one seller ask if the buyers agent earns their keep. Avg home price in our market is over $1.5mm. That is a large amount of money! MANY new companies are offering to credit a portion of the selling agent commission back to buyer. I believe it coming very soon. Your thoughts.

Do not devalue your work. Period. is the new "sign in the yard". Have you ever taken a lesser split because of a sign call rather than your legwork?

When I work buyers, even if they find their dream home on line, I still take them to it (usually multiple times), write an offer, deal with contract negotiations, pressure the lender, meet the appraiser, meet the inspector, write up addendums and extensions where needed, answer calls from stressed buyers at 9:30pm on a Sunday, harass the title company/real estate lawyer, push to get the property closed, explain the HUD statement, and pay to advertise myself and my properties on the very same website they found their dream home on.

Why give any of that up when it comes out of the seller's gross anyway? Just get your buyers a more expensive closing gift and keep going.