Suggestions on Mailing Lists

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I’m looking to do some direct mail to both find properties to hold myself and wholesale. I’ve been doing some digging on various sites like List Source and through BP here but was hoping for some insight on these questions. I’m planning to send out 1000 mailers/month. Thanks in advance!

1. Obviously the idea is finding more motivated property owners with direct mail. That said, it seems like in todays market most owners could just list their property on the MLS and get more and sell relatively quick. Are you finding this is the case? Every market is different but would love to hear what's working and what's not now.

2. What list broker company/website do you recommend?

3. Do all the list brokerage companies get their lists from the same place? Are some sites more current or better quality than others? If so, what makes some sites’ lists better than others?

4. For those that have been successful with direct mail, what do you usually pay for your lists?