First BRRR - Reno complete, financing questions

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I have completed the reno on my first BRRR. Numbers below:

2/bd 1/ba w/ higher end finishes. I self manage the property

Purchase price: 16k

Rehab/holding costs to date: 69k

Appraised: 97.9k

Rent: 1000/mo 

Vacancy: 50/mo

Repairs: 50/mo

Capex: 70/mo (new furnace, roof, appliances, plumbing, wiring, everything. expect little-no capex for awhile)

Taxes: 47.83/mo
Cash flow: 782/mo


So far, I'm feeling alright. I don't think I knocked it out of the park, I learned a lot, and would do things differently (as far as rehab) now. I'm happy with a 13% ROI.

I just got a LOI from a private/hard money lender. I have not received any sort of settlement statement that shows disbursement amounts, which seems weird. I've gotten a loan on my primary residence before, never an investment, so I'm not sure if that's why I'm so blown away.

Details below:

75% LTV

7.825% Interest

4 points or 5k (whichever is GREATER)

$1,495 in processing and underwriting fees

I BELIEVE I'm still on the cuff for an appraisal and potential rental analysis. (650+)

After refi, numbers below:

Expenses: 759.03

Cashflow: 240.97

ROI: 15.8%

The numbers obviously make sense, and show improvement with refi. But that money seems really expensive. Can you guys share what you're paying for a similar loan? Who are you guys using for your No Doc/No DTI/Cash out refi loans? Unfortunately I just bought my primary, so my DTI is high making traditional financing not possible.


This is a little high for asset based lenders, but not way out of spec.

interest rates are on the rise, and investment margins are shrinking so risk is going up.

@Alexander Felice

Thank you for the reply. This motivates me to find a different lender, as I have not accepted any terms yet. Again I have not received a settlement statement, but I believe I'd be walking away with less than 67k after close, still paying the 7.825% on the full 75k. Just seems like a lot of added risk/over leveraging for an additional 2.6% ROI to me.