Tracking Personal Financial Statement - WHERE?!

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Hi everyone!

I run into this issue every time a buy another property! The banks need updated finacial statements and I have no good way to track this. In the past, I have just filled out the banks financial statement form... but I would like to use something preferably online that I can update regularly.

Where/How do you track your personal finacial statement?


Updated almost 3 years ago

Disregard the spelling errors!

@Kyle Grimm Do you mean your personal networth type of financial statements or the history of your properties financial statements?  There are a number of online applications such as Mint that will track your personal finances.  Or you can use Quicken online.  As far as tracking your properties, we started out using Google Sheets.  If you are under 10 properties then this is probably ok.  More than that you probably need some good property management software.  There are several available here in the Pro Perks section with nice discounts.