Out of College, No Debt, How do I get started in Real Estate?

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Hey there!

I am new to BiggerPockets and I am really interested in getting involved in real estate after I graduate from college this fall. I have roughly $27,000 in retirement and stocks that I have been investing (I did internships all through college). I am thinking of pulling out this money and investing in real estate when I graduate in December. What are your guys' thoughts on this and what kind of properties should I be looking for? How do I get started in this real estate thing?

The advice I would give to you, is to start small. I would start looking at a primary residence first if you can get into a home for less than you are renting for. That may not make sense in all areas, but if you can make it work it definitely makes more sense. There are conventional loans or FHA loans that could allow you to move into a home for less than a 4% down payment. House hacking (even a SFH with roommates) is a great place to start. It can allow you save money a lot faster when you eliminate a lot of your housing expense.

Instead of pulling out all of your retirement and savings, try to find another way to finance a deal. If you pull that money out, you may have to pay taxes on it and loose some of the value. 

Also, most lenders want to see stable job and income history so it may be harder to qualify for a loan until you are out of school and start working full time.