Advice Needed: Finding that FIRST DEAL?

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**Beginner Question Looking for some advice or success stories on finding that FIRST DEAL! I spend a lot of time looking at real estate as a RE agent but what are some things I can be keeping an eye out for to help me find my first deal? All suggestions and advice welcome.

Depends a little on your strategy.  Are you looking to wholesale, flip, hold?  You will want to have a standard deal analysis tool (BP has one or you can find plenty others out there).  When you look at a property, do not fall in love with it....maybe fall in love with the numbers, but don't look at it the same way your retail buyers might look at it.  The numbers need to make sense for you.

If the deal makes sense, consider putting in an offer.  Don't get too stuck on analysis paralysis.  On my first deal I analyzed countless properties, looked at about 75 of them, and put offers on 20.  The problem I had was I was competing with owner occupants who wanted it more than me.  Once I started buying from wholesalers a whole new world opened up.