Who is your BP thought twin and why?

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As an avid reader and absorber of this site I've found myself drawn to certain folks who seem to have ideals/thoughts that very much align with mine. I am interested in many aspects of REI, but I've been drawn to the thoughts of a few more than anyone else. @Jay Hinrichs and @SteveVaughn are two of the folks who seem to have a mindset that very much aligns with mine.  They both speak in reality... not just in the awesomeness of REI(it is awesome, by the way).  They bring folks back to earth in regard to there is risk, not leveraging to the nth degree and have really honed in on their niche.  This very much aligns with my thinking. They bring a wealth of experience to the table and they speak to situations where things didn't work out... to the reality.  Steve speaks to the mission/goal of what he is providing folks in his community AND about how he is trying to create a legacy for his children by immersing them in the business, having them put in sweat equity, etc.-- which is EXACTLY my why....    They are always informative and sincere in their advice.

Those are my BP idols, for lack of a better term, who are yours and why?

Aw Shucks... thank you  made my day... less debt more equity good place to be in the coming years.

It is good to see other perspectives on things, but I think so valuable to fine tune thoughts of others like you.  Glad your day was made @Jay Hinrichs .... I'm just hoping someday I will be able to provide as much good advice as you and many others do on BP.